Gresham Worldwide

Components, Integrated Subsystems and Complete Turnkey Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications.

Gresham’s complementary portfolio of operating companies boasts industry-leading technology across a global organization, serving the needs of Tier I customers within Defense, Industrial and Medical markets.

Bespoke Military-Grade Electronics


Purpose Built

Serving Market Segments Across
All Theaters of Engagement:
Aeronautical & Space, Naval, and Terrestrial

RF Solutions

Industry-leading design and manufacturing for broad portfolio of RF solutions supporting radar, missile guidance, electronic force protection/countermeasures and tactical communication applications.

  • Lumped element, Cavity and Transmission line RF Filters and multi-function Integrated RF Subassemblies
  • Switched Filter Modules, Multiplexers and Channelizers
  • Frequency Agile Filter & Antenna Multicoupler Subsystems
  • S/DLVA, RF amplifiers and signal detectors for extreme dynamic amplitude/range
  • Precision YIG-based RF filters and oscillators for advanced signal generation
Electronic Defense

Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of complete, turnkey systems for ATE of Systems Under Test (SUT) and threat scenario simulation, including missile launch, medical device calibration, and next generation RF threat emulation.

  • Advanced RF & Microwave signal generators, signal analyzers and RF system reference hardware including upconverters, downconverters, clocks and integrated power supplies.
  • RF emitter Threat Emulation System (TEmS) for electromagnetic spectrum battlefield applications including modular RF capture, record, playback and analysis solutions.
  • Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Jammer simulation/emulation.
  • Project management and delivery of end-to-end test solutions encompassing I/O modules, communications, data-link, power supply circuitry, FPGAs and wireless subsystems.
  • Software, firmware and hardware development, programming and integration.
Power Electronics & Displays

Design, manufacture and full-line value-added distribution of power supplies, power conversion and integrated displays for military and industrial applications with an emphasis in high-performance, hardened, ruggedized systems.

  • Ruggedized AC & DC Power Conversion – Inverters & Rectifiers
  • Power Supply Management including UPS, ACOS, and Battery Charging/Circuit Monitoring
  • AC & DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters
  • TFT (thin-film transistor LCD) and PCAP (Projected Capacitive) Touch Panel Displays
  • Frequency Converters and DC Distribution
  • Helicopter/aircraft Ground Starter Units
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